All done tfft

Yesterday I finished all my treatment. Wow!! What a journey , obviously got to wait 3 months for results. But hey! The hard graft is done.
I did get some side effects, but not to many. My bloods played ball up until the brachytherapy, dropped to 0.4 but by morning and injection of something it was 0.7 do brachytherapy still went ahead. Brachytherapy didn’t hurt, it’s was the laying on your back for 2 1/2 days. My god!! The trapped wind was what was painful. Out of all the pain the nausea the only thing that almost beat me was trapped wind. ( wouse) Lol. When the rods were removed and I could sit up. I think it was the most happiest I felt. Small things I guess. Now it’s onwards and upwards. My daughter is getting married 2 weeks today. Birthdays coming up, and I can look forward.
Thankyou to all the ladies for advice and encouraging words and support through this horrid time. You’ve all been such a support to me. X


you are done!  It's a great feeling to be able to get up and know you don't have any treatment to go to!! 

im so happy you are done In time for the wedding. Go and enjoy. 

We did it, we did it, we did it..., hurray!!!!

Yay x with so much to do the 3 months will fly by x have an amazing time at your daughters wedding x x 

Yay! Well done! So happy you are cooked in time for the wedding. I had to think hard about what 'tfft' meant and then laughed out loud! :-D

Be lucky :-)

Thanks ladies x 

Yay!!! Well done and congrats.

Hope you've got your dress for the wedding! Have a lovely time - you did it!

love t x

Tfft... hehe so funny! I also had to think for a bit. 

Congrats on finishing treatment! That is so fabo. Enjoy your daughter's wedding!


Rosie xx

Thankyou. And hope all goes well with the rest of your treatment x