All clear!!!!!

Hello lovely ladies,

Finally had my first scan since finishing treatment back in sept.
All clear!
I’m sooooo relieved and excited. There was a small area that dr believes it is just scar tissue but to be sure they will scan again in 3-4 months but he was very happy!


Hi Lolli, brilliant news girl. So very pleased for you. I too had an area that they wanted to scan again later, but it was just scar tissue. You give so much to the site that it is lovely to be able to share in your good news. Thanks for posting, and time for celebrations! X

Great news!!!xx

woooohooo,way to go:) . I have been patiently waiting on this post,so happy for you xxx

Great news xx

Yay fabulous news...I too have been waiting to hear...your such a giving lovely person whos help and reassurance is amazing!! So happy for you xxx

Whoo im so happy for you, you've given me such hope at the start of my 2b journey! Well done 

That's brilliant news I'm so happy for you :)

Brill news Lolli :) 

Yay congratulations xxxx

Thank-you so much ladies! I would really feel so lost and alone if it wasn't for this forum :)

Hi Lolli This was a long time coming I thought you may have been holding something back from us. Put it all behind you. Enjoy everything xx

Hi Jayne 

nope not holding anything back. My clinic had a new MRI machine installed so due to construction everyone was pushed back or rescheduled somewhere else. The new machine was very nice and very quiet compared to the older one. Even had built in speakers for music. Next time I will be bringing a cd. With the warm blankets and soft lighting and nice music I felt more like I was at a spa. Hahahah. I will go for my next scan in 3-4 mths. I hope all is well with you and the pup!

Fabulous news.

Big hug.xx

Lolli - I am so incredibly happy for you! You give so much to us girls, and I am so happy that you have some seriously fantastic news to share. Enjoy this time. Thanks for always being here for us.


Rosie xx

Congratulations Lolli!! Fantastic news!!

Best wishes from everyone at Jo's :-)


That's brilliant news, thanks for sharing it and cheering us all up.

Anne xx

Amazing congratulations!!!

your posts kept me going through my treatment and I will forever be grateful to you 

so happy for you xxx

Brilliant news Lolli


Congratulations xx : )

Lolli you little beauty!!! 

Enjoy hunnibun xx