All clear!!!!!

After being diagnosed stage 2b with lymph involvement back in July, today I was given the all clear.
Still waiting for the news to sink in.

Thank you for all your posts they certainly helped to keep me strong at the times I needed it most.
Much love
Kim xx

Hi Kim :)

I'm so pleased for you getting the all clear! I hope your life can start getting back to normal again once it sinks in :)


That's amazing news!!! So happy for you!! I get my results tomorrow I'm so nervous xx

Fab news :) xx

Yeah!!!! :) 

Such good news Kim and a great start to the new year. X


i got the all clear yesterday,Im still waiting for it to sink in too!


Congratulations!!! I get my results on monday,hopefully the same news x

Hi Lolli 

how are you? Xx

I have everything crossed for you xx

Yeah fab news xx

I have everything crossed for you xx

Hi there,

had a physical exam back in oct and was told all looked well. After the MRI machine broke down I was rescheduled a few different times at different hospitals but finally I go this coming thursday. Will get result the following week. I'll post as soon as I know but I believe I'm ok!!! I actually feel wonderful. So fingers crossed.  I've been super busy as I am back to work and it's easy not to even think about cancer!  


So glad your feeling well, I was wondering how things were going. Good luck huni xxx

Congratulations xxx

I smiled when I read this - so happy for you - great news Kim!

Keep well and celebrate by treating yourself!


Lots of love.

Rosie xx


Thanks Rosie xxx