All clear :)

Hi all I got the good news on the 12th of Feb my birthday my lymph nodes are clear and I'm cancer free just wanted to say thanks for everyone's messages and support and answering any questions iv had and probley will still have your a great group of ladies and I wish you all well xx

Congratulations Lisa! Keep well x x

Hurrah! Congratulations Lisa! Great news! And on your birthday too! That's not a birthday you're gonna forget in a hurry :-)



Thanks ladies xx

Brilliant news!  So, so pleased for you!  Happy belated birthday!



Congrats! I am so happy for you :)

Hi lisa how are you feeling I was in the same boat as you I had cervical cancer last year aged 26 it was the most scariest thing I think I will ever have to go through does it always play on your mind? Mine does if I have a pain I always wonder if it the cancer that has came back if you have any questions send me a message xxxx