All more cancer!!

Hi all
It’s been 10 days since my robotic radical hysterectomy and I’m recovering well…
It’s been 6 weeks since my diagnosis of cc stage 1b1…it’s been the most traumatic time I’ve ever experienced and this site has helped me more than you’ll ever know…I thank all you lovely ladies for that…
Anyway today I recieved the news that my surgery was successful and I’m all clear of cancer and no further treatment is necessary…I’m over the moon !!
Ladies there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel just believe, be strong, be positive (easier said than done I know) and you can beat this!!!
Love to you all
Kelly xx

Fabulous news Kelliwoo really pleased for you. Here's hoping for similar results in two weeks. This site and the ladies on it are a godsend xxx


That's brilliant news, I can't wait for that day, got a long wait but it will come soon enough. 

Fantastic to hear such good news,gives us all hope.

Nicola x 

Excellent news Kelly :-D And thanks for sharing.

Now you can return to recovering gently with a big grin on your face :-)


Amazing news Kelli, you must feel SO relieved. Now you can get on with your life! Thank you for posting this, hope you enjoy your weekend as a free woman :) xx

Brilliant news! So pleased for you xxx

Fabulous news!! Very very happy for you!

xx Anna

That's fantastic news Kelly, so so pleased for you.

Big hugs


This is the first time I have accessed this site to become a member after being told last Thursday that I have cervical cancer's and yours is the first message I have seen. I don't know you, or what you have been through but I am so happy for you. Good luck and hopefully I will one day be posting a similar message myself xxx

Hi Lauren,

Sorry for your diagnosis but very glad you have found us here. Welcome! You will find everyone here is very supportive, will answer any questions you have so now is the time to stop looking anything up on Google OK?

Be lucky :-)

Great News. x


Great news x x

Fantastic news!  It's the best feeling isn't it - enjoy, rest up, and celebrate xxx