All clear- how accurate?

Hi all,

After having CIN 3 in 2010 and having LLETZ, CGIN on my follow up and then the all clear this July I just wanted to check how 'certain' this all clear can be.

Just had the odd spotting between periods, some unusual twinges etc which may be completely normal but I always think the worst.

Is it possible for a smear/Colp to miss something, having CGIN I'm worried somethings going on higher up which a smear might not pick up on thats all.



Hi Kaisey,

I'm sorry I can't answer your questions but I didn't want to read and not reply. I'm glad you've had the all clear - that's brilliant news. I'd maybe try and speak with the nurse who did your colposcopy and see if she talk you through what the all clear means? That way you're talking to someone who sees this stuff day in day our rather than your GP or practice nurse who maybe won't understand your fears as well or be able to put your mind at rest with some hardcore figures :) x x x

Hi kaiser, I agree with becky, it’s better get it checked out if its not normal for you, tell them about the twinges and bleeding your getting. Or ask the experts on here they are really great xx