All clear but query on CA125 level

Hi Ladies,

Had the results of my first scan post treatment for Endometrial cancer, and consultant said it is completely clear - although I do have some deep scar tissue from the radiotherapy and brachytherapy.  The only query they have is my CA125 level is 38 and the normal range is 35 and under.

They did the blood test before I went into my consultants office to get my results, so as you can imagine I was shaking like a leaf when they took it.  The Dr said the level can be elevated for a number of reasons stress being one of them.

They also checked my liver and kidney functions through a blood test and they showed normal, been to see a cardiologist also as my heart was beating slightly fast - he can't find anything wrong, just thinks that when I go to hospital appointments I get anxiety - I could have told him that!!

I now see my consultant in the middle of October when they will check my CA125 level again, as my body should be more settled by then.

I was just wondering does anyone have any tips for controlling the nerves.





Hi Laura,

I try to listen to my iplayer before I go in to keep me

calm.Unfortunatly it goes with the territory that it is very

stressful.I wish I had more suggestions for you.

Hope everything works out for you.

Take care

Becky x

Ach! White coat syndrome! Plays havoc with my blood sugar levels.

Yup, it goes with the territory. With non-medical tests, such as school or driving, we usually have a fair idea either before or during the test how likely we are to pass with flying colours, fail dismally or somewhere in between, but with medical tests we have much less of an idea, and that results in anxiety. Anxiety affects different people in different ways, it makes some people's blood pressure rocket, with me it's my blood sugar levels, and it may well be something else with you. Maybe meditation works, maybe tranquilisers ;-) Getting used to the same old routine every six months doesn't seem to reduce the anxiety. Perhaps we should all read really gripping edge-of-the-seat thrillers to forget about what's going on in our own real world!

Or maybe a pint of wine!! :-D (Only joking!!)

After a few goes I imagine that your consultant will get used to which results get affected by your anxiety and will do at least a mental adjustment for that. Anything stupidly out of range will be tested again until you are bored of the whole procedure (I expect).

Be happy