All clear after 1b1 adenocarcinoma!

Following Tivoli's advice I'm just posting here to give the newly diagnosed ladies some reassurance, as I know myself how anxious and keen to find someone who had a positive outcome I was when diagnosed.

So to make the long story short: diagnosed after Lletz with adenocarcinoma stage 1b1 back in July. Had an MRI and internal (endocervical MRI), then the horrendous wait for the results: told likely everything was removed at LLetz ( I had no clear margins on one side), and was initially offered a trachelectomy. A week before my surgery at the preop the consultant decided my tumour was small enough in volume to only do a cone with lymph node removal. Had the surgery 3 weeks ago, stayed 1 night at the hospital. Last Thursday was my results appointment-I've never panicked this much in my life and I am very used to stress etc.. All clear and a huge relief!!!

Like I wrote in the treatment forum-it has been a very tough time, but so so many of us have a positive outcome, so even if your world is crumbling down at the moment, try to read the positive stories-it sure helped me and keep in mind that our imagination is our worst enemy when things seem dark, mine sure was..

xx Anna

That's brilliant news , thank you for posting x


I have to say the positive stories have been a massive help. It's great to see so many women come through the other end especially for us ones that are about to start our journey. 

So thank u to all the wonderful women who have inspired the rest of us with their courageous stories and words of advice. 

Nicola x 

Another positive tale to take with me to my op tomorrow. Hopefully this will give those new ladies just starting out some positive vibes and also those struggling waiting to receive results and treatment plans. Wonderful news anna82 x

Thats Wonderful news to hear!!! Thank you for posting your news :) xox

So glad to hear Anna! 

I was diagnosed exactly the same today and although margins weren't clear they can treat with another lletz which is such a relief! 

I hope all can as lucky as us.

X x x x