all clear? aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Please please  please STOP saying ALL CLEAR - this frightens the shit out of me.  I can't accept this, in my case  I only believe I'm  clear  AT THIS POINT IN TIME.  All clear takes years to achieve & means you are cured. 

Sorry to be soooooo negative, but please just say it as it is - clear at this point NOT the same as All Clear!

I  am having a bad day - a bit angry with everything, I just want reality, truth,


Sharon doc said he doesn't use the saying all clear as he can't guarantee the damn thing coming back. I always wondered why people said they are all clear . I found it a little upsetting when he told me that he couldn't tell me all clear but he did say I'm in remission..( no evidence of disease).

Sorry everyone - this must have  sounded like a bit of a rant, it's not said to hurt any of the ladies who've said it, or to be negative.  I personally don't like it, in my opinion its  better to say ''no evidence of disease'', as lbooker just said - that's what they put in my letter with the scan results, just a one-liner, not even 'we are pleased to tell you'  just the facts, straight.  Not  THE all clear.

Sorry to hear you are having a bad day. You seem to have been through so much. You are quite right we are never fully cured. That's what's so crap about cancer x