Alkaline water and high risk hpv

Hi about 7 months ago i got diagnosed with 3 strains of high risk hpv, which i didnt know was normal as ive only ever met people diagnosed with one strain? anyways my anxiety sky rocketed and i was looking for ways to clear this in time for my next smear this coming September, i am also now pregnant which is worried me as i didnt want any speed in cell changes or the virus. I read that a girl who had abnormal smears for years started drinking alkaline water and got a normal smear with no hpv or cell changes im wondering if anyone has looked into this? ive been drinking alkaline water for 4/5 months now im hoping it works as im terrified and knowing i have to wait till september for my next smear is horrible i just want everything to be ok as i feell ike its taking over my life im constantly worrying :(

Did alkaline water work?