aki and delayed treatment

Hi, I don't know if this is the right thing to be asking. My mum was diagnosed with cc in december and offered chemo and radio meant to be stastarting last week. It was cancelled because she had aki (the mass was bblocking her kidneys meaning she's had a nephrostomy). Her kidneys are recovering, and she's home now. Instead of restarting the treatment, she's going for another outpatient appointment with the consultant. I've always been very positive, and not sure if I will manage it this time as I'm worried they may say it's too far gone. Any info as to how to approach this or what I could expect would be great. Thanks

Hi I’ve no real advice to offer, it may be worth calling Macmillan to see what advice they can give you. I’ve always found them extremely helpful and great at getting you the support you need. I hope all goes well for your mum xxx