AIS 4 years on-? hysterectomy

I have to look at my first post four years ago to remember my history.

After several years in screening progamme with  CIN1/2.

A LLETZ  revealed at focus AIS in 2014.

I had a cone LLETZ which was clear of disease.

I subsequently attended for initally 6 month then yearly reviews.

I had a small repeat LLETZ in 2016 which was clear when colp showed CIN2.

In total I have had at least 2 LLETZ and  a LLETZ Coning under GA.

I then got pregnant in June 2016. After a complicated pregnancy I delivered a beautiful boy at 32 weeks who is amazing and healthy.

I then developed post partum sepsis and endometritis which was very complicated and I was quite unwell.

I had a normal smear in April 2017 and had a MRI in August 2017 at my request to assess for damage after the sepsis, which showed a defect in the uterus from the infection, only comment on cervix was it was surgically shortened.

I have surgery booked in September with a view to  repair womb  defect and put in a permanent cervical suture to avoid premature delivery again.

I  restarted my POP contraception in January and since have had some irregular bleeding and a couple of occasions of bleeding after sex.

I have my yearly f/u with colposcopy clinic next week.


My question is for women who had /have AIS.... what have your follow up options been ??

Have you been offered hysterectomies?  Esp when families complete ?

I am concerned now due to return of potential symptoms and anxious for my appointment to go through my case again.