AHCC whilst breastfeeding?

Has anyone taken AHCC whilst breastfeeding? There’s very limited data that I can find so the general consensus is don’t but I know I’m still HPV+ve after a hysterectomy. Baby is 7.5 months and I plan on feeding her until she’s at least a year old. Do I wait until I’m not? Gut feeling is that it’s a natural substance and shouldn’t cause issues but there are plenty of supplements that can lead to problems. Dilemma!!

Hi I’m in the same boat! Breastfeeding my 16 month old and hpv positive with cin2 would like to try the AHCC supplements but no evidence it’s safe while breastfeeding. Did you take the supplements? Or wait? I would love to know.

Didn’t take them in the end (baby is now 16 months too and I’m still BFing). But I’ve not long had a smear test as a follow up to a hysterectomy in august last year and it’s negative!! If you do decide to take some, give me a shout. I bought loads and then didn’t use it so happy to send it your way!