AHCC supplements

Hi all.

Please can i get some advice on AHCC supplements and which ones people have used?
I have just had the HPV positive letter and would like to do all possible in the next year to help this clear but i am worried about ordering online.
I am taking multi vitamins and green tea every day.
I am 47 years old
Thanks all

I don’t have any answers but would also like to know some ahcc advice and if it actually works as it’s so expensive

I’ve been taking them from iherb for 8 months. iherb is reputable and the Quality of Life brand is the one used in the trials. However, the cost has gone up multiple times during those 8 months. I can’t say whether or not it works as haven’t had my follow up smear yet. I’ve read accounts from people who claim it works, and from people who said it did nothing. You may want to look at Turkey Tail as an alternative cheaper mushroom supplement, or Papilocare gel.

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