Agonising Wait for results

Hi all, 

I had a coloscopy on Tuesday and am really not sure how to carry on as normal waiting for the call to tell me my results.  I feel sick, cannot eat or sleep properly and all thoughts are going through my mind. I am at work but literally shaking with fear.

I had my implant removed two years ago and started tracking my cycle and it has been very irregular. I was told it would take a while for my system to get back to normal after contraception for over 10 years. My GP checked my bloods at the time and felt around my pelvis and felt inside -  I  also had an internal and external ultrasound within this time that all came back fine. None of this can check for cervical cancer though can it? 

I called and spoke to a different GP recently because of my continued irregular bleeding and now back pain who suggested looking at my cervix and saw that I have a red inflammed area that he thought might be an epitotrian but when I went for my biopsy she said she didnt think it was that. I asked if I had any abormal cells and she said no but wouldnt tell me anymore. Can you still have cervical cancer without abormal cells?

I just wish they would have looked at my cervix from 2 years ago when I approached them with my concerns. My last smear was ok that was almost 3 years ago.

I am also now bleeding heavily 6 days after the biopsy with back pain too and just feel so so anxious about it all.

Is anyone else in this same position?




I had a colposcopy and lletz procedure on Tuesday 24th also. The wait is horrible and been on annual leave so hard to keep occupied all the time. You are not alone. I'm sure we will both be fine. We can get through this. Fingers crossed we hear before Xmas XX hug xx

Hello and thank you for your reply. It really helps to know you are not alone. Can I ask what your symptoms were and was the lletz procedure to remove abormal cells? I hope you are doing ok and at least can be home. It is so hard to be at work and concentrate waiting for the phone to ring xx

I had a routine smear that picked up high severe cells and HPV. Lletz itself wasn't painful but I did find that the angle I sat on the chair made the speculum uncomfortable. I had discharge and bleeding and still bleeding 12 days after. I'm on day 4 of 2 lots antibiotics now as even though I shower twice a day, change my pad and use wet wipes every time I pee to stay clean I still got an infection. I realised I had when I kept gagging at the smell, and got the worst cramps. I was and am really bloated, have fluid retention and sore boobs. The antibiotics are kicking in though as I no longer have an odour like a strong Stilton lol. Are you still waiting for results like me?x

Hi Sammi - yes still waiting. It's two weeks today and I think I've gone through every emotion possible as well as scenarios in my head. Are you still on annual leave? Oh gosh was your infection BV? Hope it's clearing and you start to feel better soon xx

Hello. No I don't believe its BV. Still bleeding,and it's day 17 since lletz and still bleeding although I'm due on a period tomorrow so I'm not sure if it's period or bleeding from lletz now. Antibiotics have kicked in I believe as smell is more vinegary than death now. I've put on @5lb and so bloated . Still awaiting results x

Hi Sammi - glad to hear the antibiotics are kicking in! Hopefully the bleeding stops as that's a long time. I bleed for a week after biopsy then it stopped until I had sex yesterday and now bleeding/clots! cry Feel so weak. Just want answers and to be treated now if that's what's necessary. Xxx 


Hi ladies, I am assuming you both have your results now? How long did you have to wait? I only had my lletz treatment Friday so I am now 4 days post lletz and I don't know how much longer I can wait for results!!


they said 4 weeks but that just seems like a life time of waiting for potential bad news! I will try and enjoy Christmas but any tips for how you coped during the waiting period? 

hope you are all okay!