Hello. I recently went to my annual women’s health exam. Had a pap done and HPV screen. I’m 30. The pap came back atypical endocervical cells which is a type of AGC and the HPV was negative. I just had a colposcopy with biopsy yesterday. I’m so scared because everything you read says if you have cancer without HPV then it’s horrible. I don’t have my biopsy results yet but my dr was neither encouraging or discouraging which left me spiraling. Any one else had this happen ? I don’t have HPV and I don’t think I can get it because I’ve had one partner (my husband) and he’s only had me as a partner.

Hi @Cait

Its true that HPV is considered an STD, however there has been so much advertisement that you can only get it through sex that now its hard to back track and say “well it is most of the time… but not always” in reality HPV is actually a skin condition that is spread by you having direct contact with an infected person/object… it is an STD per say as sex is a close skin to skin contact activity and you dont normally have close skin contact with someone elses genitals or have someone/something touching yours unless your having sex… there doesnt need to be penetration either but there does need to have been skin contact with someone/something that has been infected there isnt any other way

Since naming it predominantly an STD, they have discovered virgins with the genital strains (150+ HPV strains all together, 30 of them prefer the genitals/mouth/throat)… studies have shown the virus cant be killed with common disinfectants and has been observed to survive on objects for 7 days without a host both low risk (think genital warts, normal warts or verucas) and high risk strains (that may or may not cause cancer), some of the many reason why once we have tested positive we cant really play the blame game or accuse our partners of cheating, we can only assume who it may have came from based off someone having symptoms (GW, warts, veruca etc), testing positive from a test/biopsy or a sexual partner, but really none of us know who we actually got from or when… theres no evidence it can be spread through toilet seats etc

Less common ways are -

The genitals touching an infected object
Unsterilised medical equipment i.e the speculum used from pelvic exams/smears
HPV positive mothers can pass it to their baby through childbirth - but its proven within the first weeks of life the babies immune system is strong enough to fight off the infection without long term effects (ortherwise HPV cancers would also effect children as HPV generally takes 3-15 years to potentially give someone CC), but this could be one of the reasons that in rare cases those under screening age are diagnosed before they are eligible for smears and in 10-20% of HPV infections those previously being proven to have cleared it, as we cant get infected with the same strain twice, it can reactivate in some

You are still susceptible to it, its just very unlikely but its not impossible, like i say even virgins have somehow gotten this virus… as you have tested negative and 99.7% of CC cases are caused by HPV its much more likely that you may have been a victim of a false negative than being within the 0.3% xx

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AGC is just the term used to categorize glandular cells with cytologic features that are too pronounced to be called inflammatory or reactive but cannot be classified as malignant… when they can categorize them they are called CGIN, when they are on the surface they are known as ASCUS its not that your cells are rare they just didnt know what to call them… all smears do is just describe how different the cells look from normal they arnt always precancerous xx


Hi Cait, I am in this same boat. 24 year old virgin and HPV negative. I have AGC results and I am so afraid. I’m worried I am going to die. I go for colposcopy next week.

Have you gotten your results back yet?

Hello ! No, I’m still waiting unfortunately. Today makes a week since I had all the biopsies taken so I’m going to call the office today and check. It’s hard to relax when you read everything google has to say. I’ve went through all the emotions. Convinced myself I had gastric type cervical cancer, then convinced myself I have ovarian cancer, then uterine lol. All the things. Then I start thinking I have all these symptoms that I never had before I got the results. I keep thinking I’m going to die as well. I have 2 kids aged 2 and 3 and keep thinking I’m not going to see them grow up. Hopefully the results come back negative but we will see. When are your tests ? What biopsies are you supposed to be getting ? Has your dr seemed positive ?

Sorry you are still waiting. My test is next week. I had no other tests come back with anything wrong just this one. Doctor is very matter-of-fact, acts like it’s something he sees everyday. Google says otherwise.

The rest itself isn’t terrible. The endometrial biopsy is the worst (if you are getting that) I’ve never had an abnormal pap either. I know someone in real life that I’ve known forever and she said she had this when she was around 25 and all her tests came back clear and she’s never had another issue. I haven’t had a pap for 3 years but that’s the recommendation so I’m just at a loss. My colposcopy was negative but my dr expected that since the cells that atypical with me were endocervical cells. Did your pap specify which cells were abnormal besides glandular ?

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Yes it says endocervical cells are atypical. So if the colposcopy is normal they still do the biopsy anyway?

Yes, they did in my case. My Dr. said that she expected the colpo to be negative because the endocervical cells are inside the cervix, not on the outside. The colpo only looks on the outside of the cervix to see if anything is abnormal on the exterior. They ended up doing a random biopsy of the outside cervix (ectocervix), an ECC (endocervical curettage) which is where they take a brush and scrape out some cells inside the cervix, and then she did an EMB (endometrial biopsy) where they take a straw like thing and suck out some cells from the uterus. She said she wanted to take some samples from everywhere to make sure she covered all the bases.

I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry. I hope everything comes back normal for you. Please keep us posted.

hi @Cait & @SamEagle

i just wanted to jump back on and share this with you, there really could be anything making he cells looks different to normal ones but maybe this could explain things in a little more detail

hope this helps xx


Thank you! It’s so hard to find much on AGC online that isn’t some horrible journal article.

Since I have never had sex or have any infections that show up on my tests, it make me think I don’t have any of the benign things on the list. I am only 24 this seems so rare for someone like me. I am wishing it is a false positive but I know that is also unlikely.

it still doesn’t necessarily indicate cancer, the part that sticks out the most is

“When atypical glandular cells are seen, your pathologist will try to decide if the glandular cells are from the endocervix or the endometrium. If your pathologist is able to determine where the cells come from, it will be described in your report. The result atypical glandular cells typically means that your pathologist was unable to tell if the cells came from the endocervix or the endometrium.”

it could just be endometrium cells rather than a change in glandular cells xx

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Oh really? My report says atypical endocervical cells (AGC). Does that mean these are not actually glandular? I’m so confused.

in younger women its common to have some endometrium cells on the endocervix that can be picked up on the pap, the colposcopy will be able to determine exactly which cells were picked up, glands from the ectocervix itself or glands from the endometrium that were near the surface…

ASC-US and AGC-US pretty much just means they couldnt determine what they were looking at xx


Thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just letting you guys know that my biopsy results just hit my patient portal. They all say negative for malignancy so I suppose that’s good lol. Still not sure why it showed up in the first place which still kind of concerns me. I am glad they came back good though !


That’s great news! I hope I’m as lucky as you. What is the follow-up? Do you have to get rechecked every few months?

My Dr. Said the guidelines say to return for a pap in 1 year. I’m not comfortable with that so I have an appointment with a new obgyn in April. I’m comforted knowing it came back negative but it still makes me nervous so I def want to keep an eye on it. I have a friend who is a midwife and she ordered me an ultrasound today. Everything looked good on ultrasound except that I have a cyst on each ovary. I’ve never had those before so that concerned me a little as well.

Sounds like you are doing everything right. Good luck, I’m really happy yours came back negative.