AGC, hpv 16, favor neoplastic

Had a pap 01/19 that was normal. No symptoms. Had my second baby on 12/2019. My recent pap states AGC, favor neoplastic, hpv 16. Married. Im freaking out. Can’t sleep. Can’t think. Not sure what this means. Colposcopy Thursday. Calling my old doctor (we just moved) on Monday. The new doctor wong explain anything. No symptoms still that i can determine. Did have sex the days right before the pap (No one said not to). Any thoughts on my pap results? Cancer? I’m so afraid I’m going to die and I’ve got a 3 and 1.5 year old. :frowning: help

Hey, I just wanted to reply as I understand how anxious you are. These letters are terrifying. I don’t know how much I can help as I live in the U.K. so I’m not familiar with your terminology or what it means. Try and focus on the positives though, you had a normal Pap smear two years ago and you don’t have any symptoms of cervical cancer. The screening programme is in place to catch changes before they turn sinister.
I understand completely your anxiety and I’ve been to the bad place in my head a few times. My husband always tells me to focus on what you know right now rather than worry about something before you need to. Much easier said than done, I know.
I should say the only part of your results I did recognise is the HPV 16 part. I also found out recently that I am positive for HPV 16. I didn’t know much about it but it does make us at higher risk of developing CC so might mean we need more regular checks. It is very common though and just puts us at higher risk it doesn’t automatically mean it leads to it. HPV is so common and most women get it at some point.

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Hi JBennett,

Firstly, I am not a doctor - calling your previous doctor, who you know, for an explanation on Monday is a great idea, and hopefully he or she will be able to reassure you that this just means you need further investigation, so not time to panic.

The AGC simply stands for ‘Abnormal glandular cells’ - I wish they wouldn’t just put jargon on people’s letters!! This suggests that, along with the HPV being present, further exploration is required, so you will need a colposcopy.

The Favor neoplasia/neoplastic means that the cells are suspicious for some form of cervical cancer, it doesn’t mean you HAVE cervical cancer. It is likely that you will be treated, possibly even alongside a biopsy at the colposcopy on Thursday. So you need to prepare yourself for something to be done - BUT no one is saying at this point you have cancer - so I suggest hope for the best, and try to think positively that you are going to be helped now, whereas you never knew there was a problem. Abnormal cells don’t give you symptoms, and that’s why they are so insidious - but they can, over 10-15 years in the case of Squamous cells, lead to cancer if not treated. You may be somewhere in that time frame.

I was always told not to have sex 24 hours before a smear test, but I believe this is because other things (like condoms, lubricants and spermicides) can affect the sample and make it difficult to process. Sounds like your sample has been processed okay, and the results clear enough to mean you need this further investigation. Try not to panic. I had abnormal cells 20 years ago, and I do remember the feelings of terror. After three treatments I thought it was gone. Only in the last year did I get symptoms of abnormal discharge and we found I had stage 3 cancer! Strangely, I did not panic or have the terror at this point. I thought ‘well we know where we are now, and we’re going to beat it’. I think the dread of the unknown is one of the worst things. You may well (reading other posts on here) have to wait some time for the results of your colposcopy, or it might be quick. But great that you’ve got the colposcopy this coming week and no-one is hanging around.

Whatever the results are, you can handle it - you have the strength within you.

Let us know how you get on. X


Thanks. I am more scared of leaving my 2 babies than of having cancer. Researching AGC isn’t helping. And now I feel every single thing in my body 24/7. Seems like a death sentence. I don’t know why they’d release the lab sheet to my account but then not talk to me about it. :frowning:

I agree it’s most unfair to give technical results without talking to you. Have you had a chance to talk to your Doctor yet? Please try not to think you’re getting a death sentence. I can imagine it’s because you’re a mum, and worried about your children, but that’s not what the results are saying.

I called my old ob who has been my doctor for years and did all my miscarriages and the births of my kids. She’s trying to get me in asap but I’m personal friends with one of her nurses and we chatted last night for a bit. She eased me a bit and promised that they’d fix it. I’m trying to hold on until my appointment tomorrow where at least i can talk to my doctor and hug her. We’d moved 45 minutes away so i was finding new care… which i didn’t want to do… and i shouldn’t have. I know now I’m driving 45 minutes to my doctor who knows me and whatnot. Hopefully we’ll have answers soon. I’ve not slept much in 48 hours. But after my conversation with my friend i was able to sleep a bit last night.


Saw my old ob on Tuesday. She talked with me for a long time and gave me several hugs. She did a bunch of tests asap. Got my ultrasound back yesterday and pelvic and transvaginal are reassuring and fine. Waiting for all the biopsies. She said she doesn’t think it’s coming from somewhere else in my body. She isn’t expecting anything we can’t treat and keep a super close eye on. She has several plans of action depending on what’s found. I slept for the first time in 72 hours after our visit. She’s just good people. Hopefully it’ll just be more good news or at least stuff we can deal with.

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That’s brilliant news - the ultrasound and the fact that you’ve got someone on your case who really cares about you and will make sure things are sorted if they need to be.

Glad you got some rest - hold on to that. You need to focus on the positive and give yourself some peace from the disaster-scenario thinking! X


So my ultrasound was good but my biopsies show moderate to severe dysplasia. She said it wasn’t anything to panic or freak out about. They scheduled me for a cone procedure but not for 2 weeks so i guess they’re not concerned about it getting worse. I read about it. Worried a bit that we won’t be able to try for a 3rd kiddo after… and I’d obviously rather that than cancer… but I’m still feeling pretty sad. Anybody know anything about a cone? Seems pretty serious. I’m trying to listen to her about not worrying but I’m worried. At least they said they didn’t see any cancer yet. Also… I’m wondering if we do this and it’s “cured”… can i just reinfect by sleeping with my husband? I’ll ask her of course but just looking for people’s opinions.

I’ve recently had a cone biopsy, which at the time of finding out that’s what they was doing I found that there wasn’t much information and seemed like it wasn’t a procedure that is carried out often.
With regards to the procedure itself I had under GA, the recovery is very similar to the LLETZ in the fact I had cramping and discharge. The only other side effect I had for about a week was tiredness but I think that’s more the GA rather than the procedure, but I also think I may have had another underlining condition as 3 weeks later I’m still got the tiredness effect and currently waiting a blood test to come back, but doctor doesn’t think it would still be the anaesthetic.
Once you have had the procedure you can’t bath, swim, use tampons, have intercourse etc for 4 weeks and also say only light exercise for that time too (same as what I was told after the LLETZ)

With regards to your comment about children, I don’t have any but it is something I hope to have in the future, and I was told that the cone biopsy shouldn’t effect that but due to the cervix being smaller/shorter that upto about 24 weeks I would be monitored more closely and potentially have scans every 2 weeks to check everything is ok. Im no doctor so it could differ on different people so I would ask the question when you can.

I had high grade severe dyskaryosis from my smear test and then Following my LLETZ biopsy was advised it was CIN III but one of the edges was not clear and showed micro cancer.
Last week I got my results to say that the cone biopsy had gone well and they had removed all the abnormal/micro cancer cells and that no further treatment is required, just a check up and smear in 6 months.

I hope the above helps some what, if you do have any other questions feel free to message me.

That helps a lot. My doctor is amazing and proactive. They told me not to worry about anything or stress out. I’ve got anxiety problems already so that’s easier said than done. But they scheduled me 2 weeks out so they can’t be too worried its going to progress I guess. We’ve got 2 toddlers and I’m 44, so a third was a stretch but I really wanted to try. If we can’t, then we can’t. There is just a sadness that hit me today about it. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad you’re heading in the right direction. Hopefully, soon, i will be as well. I’ve been thinking about cancer for 2 weeks now and I don’t want to anymore. Every time I feel anything to bump in my body I’m scared it’s cancer somewhere. Much love.