Again? Really.

Right I'll start at the beginning...

So 2015 just turned 25 (july) and received the dreaded "please come in for a smear" from the GP letter... great. Went ahead and booked in, on the day was ever so nervous but it went fine. Really couldn't understand why people say it hurts it's uncomfortable I thought it was fine... anyway... well a week/2 weeks later I received an appointment for my local hospital saying there was abnormal cells... GREAT!

 So I went to that worse experience of my life the Dr was so cold and just not friendly at all she didn't even explain what was going to happen just open your legs... So she took a biopsy didn't feel it really just a slight bit uncomfortable but not awful. So another letter and appointment comes about 2 weeks after that CIN3 please come in for a LLETZ procedure of course I Google (everything!) That was it I was a mess. After just getting over Thyroid cancer being given the all clear in the May,  I just thought the worst. I went and had the LLETZ again uncomfortable again, the same cold unfriendly doctor. But my boyfriend held my hand all the way through and I was fine.... all gone. Fantastic!  Told to have smears every three months with my G.P....

Skip forward to today... 2 years later and not one smear since everyone I ask for one was told not due until 2018...Today I was seeing the female doctor due to spotting, painful intercourse, cramps that feel different then the norm for the last 2 months thought It maybe something to do with my PCOS as I've just starting taking new medication... she went through my records  saw that I hadnt had a smear since 2015 and issued a "urgent referral" and made me get on the bed and have one there and then as soon as the duck was in she said "yeah there's something not right" my cervix was bleeding and "covered in lesions" to quote. GREAT. 

So I'm now in panic mode. 

My appointment is next week the 15th. Has anyone else have a similar story I'm trying not to Google as I what real people who know/ been through this to reply/reassure me. 

What's the likelihood of this being more serious than last time? Should I be panicked?  

Thanks for reading 

Hiya Hun, first thing first, don't Google! Easier said than done. But, worse case scenario and it comes back cancerous, then it can all be dealt with, honestly. Recently diagnosed myself and I'm 8 days post radical hysterectomy. The worst bit for me was the waiting for results, it's just a nightmare. hopefully it will all be ok. XXXX sending hugs

Hi girls, firstly sorry to hear your going through this.

I too had an abnormal smear in March 2016 high grade and had a colposcopy at the hospital 3 weeks later. During that they found the lesions and said I needed lletz treatment there and then.

my results came back 4 weeks later and showed the cells removed was CIN3 and I would need a repeat smear in 6 months. So I went for that which again wasn't straight forward because the although the smear was normal the hpv was inadequat. So lucky me had to have a third smear 3 months later.

Those results took about 7 weeks to come back which actually showed my smear was borderline abnormal AGAIN! After having a normal one 3 months earlier I was concerned. However, the letter giving me the results also said although we've found borderline changes we feel it will go away on its own and would invite u back for a routine smear in 3 YEARS time!!!!! 

I was one for googling and would definitely say try not to, ive had the odd worrying symptoms here and there and google just makes them seem 10 times worse.

im not sure if this helps at all lol