I had the operation 15sept and have had pain for the first week and half and bleeding from day one, I have not had a single day without bleeding I've had to buy extra super pads and the large bed pads- I am going through them at least 5 a day- I have (well I think ) I started my period within these last 3 weeks- however the bleeding is not showing signs of slowing down and it's bright red and I get gushes if blood when I stand or when I walk? Is this normal when should I call the doctor? As I don't get where all this blood coming from and why so much- 


any help advice would be greatly appreciate 


thank you 




I had horrendous bleeding 3 days after my colposcopy. Im pretty sure it was my period but i am so irregular. I had to wear 2 towels at night and was still up 4 times flooding and passing clots. I spoke to my gp who gave me some tablets to control the bleeding and it eased off a bit. I think it would be a good idea to speak to your gp and increase your iron intake. I took iron because i felt so drained! I didnt leave the house for 2 days either because i was so heavy. I hope you feel better soon.

Jax xxx