Aftermath of Lletz treatment

Hiya. I am new to this. I’m 31 now and a mother of 7 year old. Have had coil put in to avoid future pregnancy. This year March was my 5 year anniversary for coil and so I went to GP to arrange removal in Feb. Then week or so later after intercorse I started to bleed. So I went back to GP and was refered for smear test etc. Got my results as high grade abnormal cells. My partner was worried more than I was but now a day ago I had Lletz done. I am bleeding and have sting like pain every now and then. Went back to work same day evening. But my sob is that ever since I told him we can’t have sex for 4 weeks he just got annoyed. Didn’t talk with me at first. Then he told me how would I feel If something I really enjoy can’t have for 4 weeks, that it’s harder for him and just left for work. I burst in to tears. I offered him to raid leaflet to educate himself but he said it wouldn’t change a thing. We arealmost 10 years together and I know he was unsupportive back in a day when I was pregnant and after. But since then and before this he asked numerous times for another baby but I always said no due to this unsensitive nature. Although he said he has groaned since and would do things different but now I feel he hasn’t changed and he’s yet again make me feel guilty because he can’t have sex. I feel so alone again in this. He never once asked me how I feel or what was done etc. It brakes my heart but also opened my eyes to possibility of becoming single mum due to this. And worst part is that it’s not over yet.

Hi, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through especially having to do it alone. you need to surround yourself with supportive people - do you have close friends And/or family? You should focus on getting yourself sorted. You don't need somebody acting like that around you. It sounds like you are better off without him but that is equally a big and hard decision to make with how long you have been together and for your children you have together. x 

Hi Lilley,

so sorry to learn that you're not being supported by your other half. I've had 2 lletz treatments and i think it puts you through so much physical and mental stress, you've got to focus on feeling well and repairing yourself. 

i hope he changes his attitude, you don't need this extra pressure. Speak to people who are supportive (including the ladies on this forum) and you'll never be alone.  X