Aftermath of Lettz and an Endometrial biopsy

Hi! I had lettz treatment this morning, along with an Endometrial biopsy.
The lettz treatment was ok, the injections hurt alot but the lettz itself was painless.
The Endometrial biopsy was absolutely awful! I cried during that and swore at one point, i had to apologise.
My legs feel very shaky hours later and the cramps are currently horrible. I feel like im hunched over when i walk, like i dont want to stand straight.
When did you start to feel normal again? Im hoping this feeling passes quickly and these cramps go :frowning:
Its my daughters 13th birthday today and we have around 11 family members visiting this evening for cake and to give presents. Im not going to spoil her evening but i want to curl up :frowning: