after the treatment

on Wednesday the 30th Dec I had my treatment for high grade pre cancerous changes and was told I could have a bath until the bleeding had stopped. (I really love my baths) the bleeding has stopped but I keep getting a lot of clear discharge. is it safe to have a bath yet?? I really need to chill in one.

Hi Chloe

Im afraid I don't know the answer to your question, but if in doubt I would call your key nurse as the info they give is based on loads of experience. If you have a shower that should be ok. They just don't like you to wallow in a bath because of the increased risk of infection.

good luck 

4 weeks they advise Hun to avoid any infection xx 

I was told I could have a bath the next day which I did....

4 weeks is a long time 

I guess it's best to check with your gp