After The Treatment Finishes - Then What? by Dr Peter Harvey

Oh my goodness. This article is a must read for anyone trying to deal with the emotional aftermath of a cancer diagnosis after the busy business of treatment dies down and you're trying to work out what to do next.

I know I have posted links to a few articles and things, but if you're only going to try one, this is the one to read.

It's a bit long but the author is an experienced cancer counsellor and he really understands what we are going through and this article normalises it to a large extent. I think it's incredibly reassuring to see that there is a logical progression through all this to a 'new normal'.$FILE/article3.pdf?openElement

Thanks Rosehip,

I’d also recommend as a book The Cancer Survivor’s Companion but Dr Frances Goodhart and Lucy Heart.

It gives a lot of practical ways to cope with your feelings after cancer, whether it’s a day or years since treatments ended. It covers all the emotions, intimacy, relationships, body image, sleep, relaxing and fatigue.


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What a fantatstic find! Definatly worth a read for anyone trying to deal with the emotional aftermath of cancer.

Thank you!

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Hi Rosehip

Thankyou for this :))

I am struggling a bit with all this   at the moment and this article ( and all you lovely ladies) have  really given me good advice. It all seems so clear but sometimes we struggle to see it!!

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Kath xx

So glad you have found this helpful too - I keep coming back to re-read it when I have a dip.