After some advice ploease

Hi, I've had a colposcopy today and been told things i can't do.  Having a bath wasn't mentioned and i was wondering if that's ok to do?  sorry if it's a stupid question to askand many thanks for any advice



Hi Jules 

how are you? Hope you are ok :) and feeling well :) with regards to your question I can't see why not having a bath isnt a good idea :) but maybe try not make it to hot or soapy :) I wouldn't recommend it if you are slightly bleeding though :( I hope advice is ok :) can I just ask you how was your colposcopy today? How did you find it and was it uncomfortable at all? Also did they tell you anything today or are you having to wait for results? Sorry for asking and totally understand if you don't wish to answer but I have a colposcopy in 2 weeks time and I am so scared and nervous :( xx 


many thanks

Traka xxx 

Hi Traka, thank you for the advice :).  It was a little uncomfortable at times but no bad pain.  When I did feel pain (which wasn't major) it was stopped for a few minutes to  give the injection which freezes it more time to work.  The chair shocked me as i was expecting a bed like you get in the gp's lol but it was chair with pads on either side  for you to put your legs on.  The chair then gets highered up to a more suitable height for the doctor and then tipped back slowly until i was laying flatter.  They then inserted the thingy (don't know whats it called lol) but like they do when you have a smear and then give an injection.  The injection took a while and stung a bit but not a lot but it does send your adrenaline racing a bit so don't be surprised if you start shaking.  They then did the lletz to remove everything he could access in regards to the abnormalities and they have been sent for an urgent biopsy.  I'm not feeling very well at the moment but unfortunately i have an absess infection so it could be that which is making me feel worse.   I am worried and think it will be a continual nervous wait until the results are through but keeping fingers crossed everything will be ok :)  I can understand you feeling scared and nervous as i was too but i promise it's no where as bad as our heads build it up to be :) 

If i can be of help during the next 2 weeks then please just give me a shout :)


Jules xxx

Hi Jules 

thank you so much for getting back to me really do appricate that :) bless you I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling very well at the moment. :( I really hope you feel better soon :) and get a good nights reSt :) with regards to the colopospy thank you for telling me what is involved I am very nervous and scared about it but I need to be strong and thankful that i am being further checked now :) I need to be strong for my baby girl :) I do keep having the what if questions buzzing around in my head though :( ive never been in hospital in my life or had any treatment so all this is new to me and i really am freaking out :( I'm guessing you are home now and didn't have to stay in hospital :( this also terrifies me :( I really do hope you do get good results that you want to hear Hun and that they have completely cleared your abnormalities :) thank you so much for being so nice and helpful :) your a very brave lady and have inspired me to go ahead and have this done and try not to be to scared :) 


please let me know how you are feeling and keep me posted as I will to you :) 

take care big hugs to you and thank you again 


from Traka303 xxx 

I asked this after my Lletz and was told firmly to avoid baths for up to 4 weeks as it increases the chance of infection. You have a largish open wound inside you so you don't really want bath water going up there. A shower is fine though but don't ahem "douche"  I had specifically asked as I had seen some people on forum say it's ok but the colposcopist I saw was adamant that I shouldn't have a bath or swim for this amount of time. It might be worth calling your colp clinic for advice if still unsure.

sending you lots of hugs Traka :)

Thank you so much for the advice ChandosGirl :)

I was told no baths allowed! Totally understand why but when you have period kinda pains sometimes all you want is a nice hot bath! hope you are feeling better. I am 5 days after my LLETZ and feeling much better


Hey Everyone, I'm really new to this don't know if I'm using it correctly, I'm 22 and have been unwell with bleeding severe back pain  that's just wworsening, I had a smear after pushing  after loosing my dad to cancer & had cn1 and high risk hpv and have my colposct tomorrow I'm really nervous. Should I really be too worried, or are these quite good results?


Could really do with some advice!

Thank you xxx