After radiotherapy and brachytherapy

Hi I’ve just finished my treatment.I felt relieved but feel so ill.I had my bracy on Tuesday and last rads on Wednesday.since then I’ve had bad fatigue ( which I expected) but had nausea really bad that I can’t eat.Anyone else suffered with this? I thought I would feel OK soon after but I’ve been in bed since then xx

I had EXACTLY the same, Debbie - intractable fatigue and nausea but I also had uncontrollable diarrhoea and I was needing to pee very regularly. After 10 days I wasn’t getting any better and I started getting clammy and cold at times. I phoned the nurse contact and she said get to A&E NOW. I had sepsis, from a urinary infection. The catheter from Brachy and the low immunity from the treatment had got on top of me. So be careful with yourself.

I don’t want to worry you unduly, and I was warned that I’d feel worst before I felt better when I got home. But if this continues, you start to get clammy or run a fever, call the oncology nurse. If in doubt you’ll need to go to A&E for a blood test. You should have a ‘Sepsis risk’ card with your hospital number etc that you can present to show that you are highly susceptible to infection because of your chemotherapy.

Please keep us up to date, and I’m keeping everything crossed that within the week you start to feel stronger. Xxx

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Oh pet… I would ring your care team. I had a 24hour number i could contact.
The tiredness is bad, was bad with me and the constant tummy troubles didnt help. I would ring just in case, perhaps you can get stronger or different anti sickness meds at least xx

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Thankyou.Ive also suffered with diarreah.Its awful isn’t it! I had a uti and on antibiotics for that so hopefully wouldn’t turn to sepsis.I just finished those yesterday.I dunno,I guess I thought after treatment had finished I would be back to my old self but instead I’m still bedridden and weak xx

As Shammy says, call your nurse if you get any worse, Debbie. It may be that one course of antibiotics is not enough. Your immunity will be rock bottom at the moment. Sorry to hear you’ve got the diarrhoea and UTI as well - we’re delicate little flowers but we’re also tough. It took me much longer than I thought to get better, but I was warned that I would likely feel worse before I felt better…. Yes, try some different anti-sickness meds - but get some strong probiotics and start getting them down you, because your gut needs it and it will help with the nausea. Xx

P.S. I got very familiar with day time TV for a while…. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thankyou.well turns out I have have a chest infection now.When is this gonna end? Even walking to the bathroom is hard work and makes me out of breath! I have some more antibiotics :weary: what prebiotic would you recommend xx

Ah - no wonder! Thank goodness you’ve got more antibiotics. Your body is at it’s lowest and most vulnerable at the moment. The probiotics I’m currently taking are: Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-Strain Formulation for Digestive System 120 Capsules, 30 g. Got them on Amazon. I see they’ve just put the price up… hmmm. I was previously using BioCultures Complex - 16 Live Strains with 50 Billion CFU Source Powder - Vegan Time Release Capsules - with Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium - Made in UK by NutriZing - also very good reviews and passes the ‘yogurt test’ that it’s a live culture.

You may need to take one that’s specifically designed to be used alongside antibiotics at the moment, as of course the antibiotics will be trying to kill the good bacteria you’re putting in as well, until you’ve finished the course.

I’m taking: Vitamin D3 with K2 - Vitamin D3 4000 IU & Vitamin K2 100 UG - 120 High Strength Vitamin D3 K2 Capsules - 4 Month Supply - Cholecalciferol and MK7 - Supports Bone, Muscle Health and Immune System (also on Amazon) to boost my immune system.

I’m also taking AHCC - Active Hexose Correlated Compound Supplements, Enhanced Immune Support, Beta Glucan & Fucoidan & Vitamin D3, Liver Function, Maintains Natural Killer Cell Activity, 500mg Capsules (1 Pack) - this is the one that is claimed to help you kill the HPV virus as well.

All these are from Amazon.

I also recommend, because it’s an important thing that Radio and Chemo therapy deplete, you take extra B12 supplements, and folic acid alongside (folic acid is B9, I believe). There is evidence that radiotherapy can cause intestinal malabsorption, particularly if you had your abdomen irradiated as well (which I did). I have a condition that means I have malabsorption issues anyway, especially B12 so I self-inject B12 and take 5mg folic acid. I also need high dose Zinc, multivits, calcium and iron - but that’s another story.

For you, multivits - something like Sanatogen - are important.

I do hope you’re feeling better soon. You need to be able to enjoy a cancer-free Christmas. ((Hug)) xx

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By the way, for some time walking to the bathroom (which for me also was a major form of exhaustion) gave me a pulse rate of up to 156 - just shows what it takes out of you. I’ve had to work with regular walking to lower my resting heart rate.

Oh my goodness that’s alot to take! I was just expecting you to say a yogurt drink or something :grin:
Maybe some multivits might do me some good.Im not hardly eating anything,my appetite has completely gone.
My magnesium levels are always low everytime I have a blood test and they always say I’m dehydrated even though I drink lots of water.
It’s amazing how tired I get even going to the toilet! I could never imagine it would be that bad.I have so much christmas shopping to get too xx

Amazon :wink: xx

Yes done alot online luckily.Still getting tired,but managing to get up and dressed now.I have to do a bit and have a rest as still get a bit breathless xx

This is really good, Debbie. The thing to remember is that it will take you longer to recover than it would normally do from an infection. I was breathless for a long time - especially on the stairs! I couldn’t stand up long enough to take a shower, so had to by a plastic stool for the shower cubicle. It’s now in the loft and I can take a 2K walk comfortably. You’ll get there, you just need to be patient and make sure you don’t get any more infections. Xx

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Oh wow really! Bless you,glad your fitness is good now.I think I’m just comparing myself to others who have had the same treatment and getting on fine xx

We’re all different, Debbie - some people’s bodies take being poisoned worse than others… My consultant says a lot of people actually don’t get through all their treatment, chemo sessions, etc. so she said I’d done really well to tolerate everything, but it was going to take a while to build back up. It’s your body, and it’s doing a great job - try not to compare yourself to anyone else. Xxx

Also - we both had infections - we were unlucky - not everyone does but it hits your body when you’re down.xx

Very true.I didn’t have my last chemo as my platelets were low and I was due to have bracy 2 days after so she didn’t want to risk it.Ive just got to take it day by day.
Thanks for making me feel better xx

Hi I am a year post treatment and still have off days. It does get better.
I am still very tired, sometimes low mood anxiety at times but very thankful I am where I am.

I feel alot better since i last posted.I still get tired easily but am able to do much more now xx