after loop treatment

Hi i had Loop treatment last thursday, since then i have had to use tena lady as i am constantly dribbling, when i go to the toilet there isnt much there, i wouldnt say it smells although i keep changing myself so it doesnt smell.

Has anyone experienced this as well,

Thanks, not sure what to do




Hi Ally,

I had this for a couple of weeks after my treatment. I had an infection in the first week but there was a distinctive smell no matter how many times I changed. If your worried though I would go to your gp anyway. They didn't examine me, I just told them my symptoms and they gave me antibiotics and it wore off through the course of those.

Hope you recover well soon :) x

Hi Fiona, just back from doctors, i phoned today and spoke to the nurse, she told me to come in tonight and take a urine sample, she is sending them off to get checked out

She took a swab down below also and said it had changed colour, so she got me to wait until the doctor checked my swab while i waited. ive got a course of anti-biotics for 3 days

Heres hoping these will do the trick, thanks for your help xx

Hi Ally, 

I had the lletz treatment 16 days ago and I have had to wear pads everyday since. I too suspected an infection and went to the g.p, she took a swab ( the last thing I wanted after all the previous prodding and poking down there) and prescibed two lots of anti biotics. I am still waiting for the results of my swab, the doc wrote and asked me to ring regarding the results but she is not in until monday...very frustated and nervous now! Plus the anit biotics made me ill so I had to stop taking them.

Hope that your infection clears up soon, think we all recover differently.

Take care

Hi Beccae, thanks for your reply, i have finished the anti biotics i only had them for 3 days, i am now bleeding (not heavy) that was yesterday, now brown discharge today.

I will see if i get any word back from the doctors this week with my results. then hopefully get results back for lletz treatment ( i hope the next 3 weeks go in quick) i just want to know the outcome. 

  Good luck with your results too with docs and treatment xx


Hi I have been for my 1st lletz on Monday 

I am on depo inejection for contraception so I don't have periods,

i have been having really bad cramp, no bleeding just watery discharge, I havnt had period in past 8 years does anyone know if this really bad cramp is normal

or do I need to go and see gp

Hi i got changed to the mini pill so i dont get periods either, i had bad cramps for the first few days after treatment, i just took strong painkillers i  have went from constant dribbling to bloody discharge

i got swab for infection, got 3 day course of anti-biotics, got phone call today from docs it was an infection he has got another prescription for me, so you will notice you go from one day to another either bleeding or brown discharge with cramps one day then ok the next

i cant wait to get my bottom half back to normal lol x


Hi ally

I am now into my 2nd week after treatment the pains have now calmed 

down, keep getting cramp now and again, bleeding has started about 5 days ago, 

as i am not used to it I feel very uncomfortable, some days I can only bleed a little and other days will be heavier 

I am just hoping this will be the last few days of having to put up with the bleeding as I am the same just wanting wverything down there to be back to normal.

Hi ally 

also I was the same watery discharge until the 6th day then brown discharge 

then finally onto normal bleeding some days heavier than others do you think I should have to go and see doctor 

incase I have infection with me bleeding and being on the depo injection? Xx