After lletz

Ok so am new to this forum thing anyway I’ll try make it short

So I had my smear bk in October which came back I had abnormal cells so I went colposcopy in December n had biopsy the results I got got only sed I had CIN but with no number so today I had LLETZ and just as I was leaving she sed I would get my results in a few weeks but results for what? I thought that’s what the biopsy was sorry if I sound stupid jus a little confused

I believe the results are to confirm which CIN you had and to confirm they got it all. My nurse told me they test the underside of the sample taken to make sure those cells are normal - which indicates they removed enough tissue to remove all abnormal cells.

Hi I've had exactly the same. I got my results in the post today following my lletz 3 and a half weeks ago. But the results show nothing different than what my biopsy results told me. It also didn't say whether they removed it all like they said it would. I'm so confused I'm going to have to call them tomorrow x

I had the same experience. I had a colposcopy and lletz 4 dats ago, I have no idea what the smear showed as I haven't been told, and as I was leaving the hospital after the colcoscopy the doctor said he would write me me with the results. Results of what? Must be a biopsy I conclude, ahowing what I don't know

Those are very important results. You want all the margins of the tissue removed to be clear - that means they got it all out.

Also, you will know which CIN you have for those removed cells.

I'm worried since my dr said there were three regions with abnormal cells and he also took some from the cervical canal! :( I might reeibve that many results!