Hi, I am new to this so hope this right and sorry if I am sounding silly but can anyone offer some advice?

I had LLETZ on 17/12/15 which was quite painful even though under LA. I just rested for the next couple of days as I was soar. Although Iv had cramping the pink and coloured discharge only lasted few days but then from 26th ie. Boxing Day I have had bleeding with clots and going through a lot of pads. I am in really bad pain like the worst period cramping, bloated, drained and physically sick. I just feel like I am getting worse. I haven’t rang an out of hour doctor as I have been trying to get better with alternating ibuprofen and paracetamol but these are not helping at all. Iv got flu like symptoms aswell…sorry to sound like a moan but I honestly can’t take this. My head is just constantly thumping also. Does anyone have any advice or been through same?

Hi Rachel - I would try and see your gp if possible - you may have an infection which will clear up with anti biotics. Hope you feel better soon. I know as rule of thumb you should seek help if you are soaking a pad an hour. X


Thank you for reply. I have been reading lots of forums on this and it is so helpful. Not to self diagnose but I think I may have an infection, just from what others have experienced. I rang out of hour and it's 4-5 hours waiting time for call back so may just struggle on...nothing is helping me. Horrible xx

I agree that it sounds like a trip to gp would maybe be a good idea. 

Hope you feel better soon x

I really feel for you. Is not nice at anytime of year but especially not this time of year. 

Hopefully your gp will be open tomorrow? Keep taking the paracetamol - but if you feel really lousy your best bet might be the out of hours xx

Doctor rang me back from out of hours. Told me just to keep taking paracetamol and ibuprofen . It's normal and scabbing lol, it is def not the scabbing. Maybe wait and get seeing my own doctor.

Thank you so much for advice though xo

Did he say anything about flu symptoms as I have flu symptoms week after lletz

Yes. He said it must be my soar throat causing the pain lol. I’m in agony with cramping so my throat is last of my worries. I honestly think with them being so busy he palmed me off as he said there wasn’t much could be done tonight anyway, I’m going to contact my gp surgery and try for an appointment so I will give a We update. Thanks xo

Hi Hun

how are you feeling now? all the symptoms you described I had also after my LLETZ treatment and I ws very faint! turned out I had an infetion and was prescribed strong antibiotics witch kicked in instantly!


hope you are feeling better soon and if you need to ask questions please feel free to do soo