After Lletz

Hi, I had Lletz two and a half weeks ago. For a few days after there was nothing then I bled for a week. This could well have also been my period as it was due. After that I had gritty black discharge which for a few days was quite smelly. Now I have a tiny bit of normal coloured discharge with the odd black bit in it. I have had my letter back to say it was CIN2 and no cancer. However, for the last few days I have had really shard abdominal cramps. Please can anyone advise on what they think. I'm no overly concerned because I have no other symptoms of infection but it hurts and is making me feel really lathargic. I have also had a cough and cold in the last week so pu the pain down to muscle at first from all my coughing. I've done everything by the book- no baths, exercise, sex or tampons!


Thanks in advance xx

I have also noticed a change in the pain I am experiencing since my LLETZ 10 days ago.  For me the pain was initially generalised throughout my lower abdomen & back, whereas now it is more localised in one area (maybe where the cervix is?).  I have also had extreme fatigue which does seem to be (very slowly) getting better.  I think overall things are supposed to gradually get better, so if you are experiencing pain that has gotten worse I would contact your doctor for peace of mind, it's not worth taking chances or stressing out any more than you probably have been up to this point.  Take care of yourself! *hug*