They did take a large sample from my cervix as I've been diagnosed with severe CGIN.   Thing is I have no blood at all, just a pale orange discharge that comes and goes .... Is this normal?

Hi - I had very little discharge - I wore pads the whole time just in case, but didn't get any bleeding until day 8 or 9, it was very light and lasted about 4 days. It may still come for you so I guess continue to wear pads in case it catches you unawares, but you could be lucky!

im so over this ... 1 week on and I'm filling several pads a day. It kind of gushes and then dry for an hour then gushes again. I can't even last all night, I feel like a baby wearing nappies.   It's horrid orange, weird smelling stuff  that I swear I can smell through my clothes.

When does it stop? I'm sick of feeling so damp and dirty all the time and having to shower several times a day.   Is it because they said they went really deep?