After lletz

hi I have had lletz treatment on Monday I am getting the depo injection as contraception so I don't have periods 

I was told I would feel a bit of cramp, but the cramp is really bad I have been taking paracetamol and using hot water bottle, is the strong cramp feeling normal or should I speak to gp??? 

Hi, I had a second LLETZ done almost 2 weeks ago now and also had terrible cramping, accompanied by back pain. I went to the gp and turns out I had an Infection, so I would say pop into ur drs, mine took a swab and prescribed antibiotics and strong painkillers. xx

This is critical stuff we are all having to deal with so always report unusual, New, or increasing discomfort and/or pain. I know we sometimes think we are being silly or that we are bothering GP and staff, but they need to know.

I thought I had hurt my middle knuckle...finally went to GP. He immediately had xrays done of my hand. Dx: chemo or cancer induced osteoarthritis. Now taking glucosamine sulfate 500mg 3xDay. Will add chondroitin when starting next bottle.

Point is that we don't know just how serious a pain is...just because we can live with it...

Take care.

Hi thank you guys I have now got rid of the horrible cramp 

I have not been to the doctor but should I still go if I am bleeding 

as I said before I am on depo injection and have not had period for 8 plus years

and I didn't think I would bleed should this be something I need to talk to doctor 

about or am I being paranoid? 


You may or may not be paranoid, just like the rest of us. lol ;-)

Please discuss your concerns. If doctor ignores you, suggest you see gyno or other healthcare specialist.



Thanks Katie :) 

i am still bleeding hopefully will be near the end as it's turning 

brown now (sorry for the details ) lol x 

Many of us have been there, so don't apologize. Who else are you going to discuss this with? I was so happy when my discharge turned pink. And then clear (lymph), and then stopped. Hope yours does soon.

Hugs, Katie

Hello Martha thanks for replying 

yesterday I stopped bleeding and now just little bits of yellow 

watery discharge so thinking may have healed,

i know they suggest no sex until after 4 weeks

bit my nurse said can have sex when belong has stopped 

do you think if I do have intercourse it will make things worse?


thanks mel x