after lletz

Hi everyone I had my lletz done under general anaesthetic last Monday. Since the procedure I have felt very run down, I came on my period a few days after the procedure so im wondering if this is a reason, or has anyone else felt really crap after? I feel really tired all the time and just crap in general. Also worried sick waiting for my results. Is this normal to be feeling like this? Xxx

Hi I had my lletz done under local last week. I feel very run down also :-( and still getting a lot of cramps. Can sympathise with the waiting, it's awful :-( hope you feel better soon.  Rach xxx

Hi, I felt extremly run down after my LLETZ which was done under local. I have been taking berroca to try and boost my immune system to see if that helps. And I agree with you both the waiting is an awfully difficult time. X

hi, I had my lletz done last Tuesday, by Saturday I was in agony and sweating with a horrible smell down there, went straight to gynea and had to stay in 48 hours for Iv antibiotics. I'm now home on oral antibiotics. Feeling very tired, I'm so worried about results even tho the doctor said it didn't look cancerous.... I have cin3. Hate waiting :-( x