After lletz treatment

How has everyone generally felt after their lletz treatment? I had mine yesterday and went to work this morning feeling fine. I generally sit at a desk but had to walk around for over an hour today taking something around the offices, and after that I felt a bit weird. I've had a bit of headache and just felt generally exhausted as the day has gone on. Anyone else felt like that? Xx

Hey hun, 

I felt pretty tired the next day too, i took the day off as i wasnt sure what to expect. I felt a bit sorry for myself, had a couple of twinges but i was pretty much ok. 

I think its more the emotional stress thats gets you feeling weary to be honest, i went back to work two days after my lletz and i still felt a bit exhausted. I think it was all in my head though, feeling sorry for myself and what not! 

Take it easy, put your feet up for a few days, you deserve it :) but im sure you'll be feeling back to your normal self in no time! xx

Yeah I think it's a mixture of the worry, stress and the procedure itself isn't it! You sound like you've had a confusing time reading your history! Hope you're okay.  I'd love to put my feet up but i only started a new job 2 weeks ago and although they have been lovelt about this i dont feel i can take anymore time off (i took yesterday off for the treatment) but i will try and take it easy whil i'm there. Thanks for your reply xx

June 2012 - first smear at 25. All clear

August 2015 - 2nd smear. Severe dyskariosis. Lletz performed, awaiting results.

I had mine on the 17th of this month and for 5 to 6 days after my head was awful, very tired and drained im only now starting to feel a little better. I had to have my one done under general anaesthetic as the couldnt reach it normally

Aaaah yes I understand, I've been at my job 3 months and I felt awful taking time off but they've been so wonderful about it! 

I got a call back from the nurse today to explain my results, she's put my mind at ease. So yeah, I have the all clear!! :) 

Hope you start feeling better soon hun and good luck, let me know how you get on xxx

Ah that's great news!! Must feel like a weight has been lifted :)

It won't let me message u back for some reason :( good luck for when you have yours, mines on the 3rd of Feb certainly not looking forward to it! Let me know how you get on xx