after lletz need advice

Hi I had lletz treatment two weeks ago today I had no pain or bleeding afterwards..The last few days I've had a pinkish discharge which is like a period to the point where I need to wear a sanitary towel..I'm just wondering if this is normal..I thought maybe I was starting my period as I'm two weeks late(defo not pg) can anyone give me some advice about this please :-)

It could well be your period, after lletz my first few periods started out with a few days of light bleeding, I had never had this before but was assured it was fairly normal after the treatment. It was explained to me by the nurse that as your period 'gets ready' the cervix normally holds everything in your uterus before you come on but because your cervix is in a fragile state after treatment it cant 'hold on' to everything so well and thus a bit of light bleeding before the period starts properly. 

Obviously though I'm not a doc so if you are worried about this see your doc or call the nurses at the clinc for some advice, they are normally most helpful.

Have you had any of your normal pre menstral symptoms?