After LLETZ - Major TMI


Please don’t read this if you’re eating or don’t like reading gross things.

Found a huge brown hard lump inside my self, it was about 2" long and 1" wide. Is this normal??? I’ve now removed it so it was attached to my cervix.

Day 4 after lletz

Probably a scab or old blood clot from the biopsy! 

But it was huge! It can't be normal. Luckily I've not suffered with any bleeding since having the procedure done so can't be an infection. 


Wish the consultant warned me this could happen

Hi Vicky - I'm happy to overshare if it helps make you feel a bit better :) I have absolutely no shame when it comes to this sort of stuff!

I had a lletz last Tues - no bleeding or discharge for first 4 days then a big gross brown blobby thing plopped out when i went for a wee on day 5. Bleurgh! Since then I've been having a bit of grainy watery discharge so I just assume it was the initial scab coming out/off my cervix and not been concerned by the appearance of the blob as all seems ok down there so far.

Sorry if my story repulses you - just thought it might help to know that others have gross stuff happening too!! :D


Thank you Marple213 it is very reassuring that someone else has experienced the same. I was pretty disgusted after it happened and shock seeing as its not in any leaflets lol. Thanks for the reassurance :)