After LLETZ, is this normal?


I had my LLETZ 8 days ago now, whilst on my period. I just need some clarification on what's happening to my body is normal or do I need to go to the doctors. I am going to be quite graphic(sorry)

I had no pain or bleeding (period or anything else) for two days after. Then on day 3  and 4 I had my normal period back. Day 5  I had black gunk, then  on days 6-7 black bits and now day 8 (black bits gone) random gushes of water. Today a have a smell down there but its not really really strong.  I can only smell this  when I go to the toilet.  I have no pain and no temperature and feel fine in myself. Is all of this normal? Sorry to be so descriptive.

any advice would be great. 



Hi Boogie01, I had an infection (after going to the docs just over a week after) I was having a lot of watery discharge that had a horrible smell and was yellow. I also had lower back and tummy pain but no temp. If you think somethiing isn't right I would always say best to play it safe and visit the GP. 

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Sarah x 

Hi Sarah,

I think you are right, I think I should go and visit my G.p.

Thank you for replying to my post.






hi boogie01 i had miy lletz last thursday, i havent experienced any bleeding at all just yellowish brown water that smells slighly acidic... think everyones bodies reacy slightly different but if it worries you contact your gp or the colp clinic im sure they will be able to advise you... im terrifyed that the yellowish water is a bad sign so i may give them a call tomorrow x


i went to the doctors this morning and he said to phone the colposcopy clinc so I did. They said my symptoms were normal. They said i only need to worry if I have a temperature or feel unwell. i feel a little happier today now. Just awaiting on my results.  I hope you decided to go to the doctors this morning too and I hope everything is fine for you also. 


Good luck,


Hi, I know this I quite an old post but I had my lletz done 8 days ago and have had exactly what you experienced and was wondering if it was normal, so I'm glad to have read this! I had just come in my period as well when I had mine done. Hope all is okay for you now xx