After lletz. Any experiences please

I'm sorry if this is the wrong board but I'm after a little reassurance. 

I had a (very overdue smear) done and shortly after that got told to come in urgently for a colcopscopy. 

When I got there they told me I had been fast tracked as my smear results were showing 'severe and over' abnormalities. She had me booked in for a lletz there and then before even looking at me. So I had it done and was told I would hear from them. 

I had a call yesterday asking me to go and see a consultant at the hospital Monday morning. After asking they said he wishes to talk to me and it will probably be to discuss results. 

Is it normal to go back and see a consultant? I assumed I would just get a letter saying everything was removed and fine and to go for a smear in 6 months. So the speed of going in to see someone is unnerving. 

I've had 3 early miscarriages this year and I assume whatever was/is lurking in me has been a factor. I'm just terrified that further treatment is going to be needed that will affect my fertility. 

So, can anyone offer experiences about what happens after a lletz? (Please share even if you received bad news) 

Try not to panic, its likely it may not be a cancer diagnosis, I have friends who had similar calls and they just had to have more lletz or a cone biopsy. i know it's easier said than done but try not to worry, wait to hear what they say first. thinking of you, I was in the same boat back in July.


sophie xx

Hi zippy,

As Sophie says, try not to worry, it is standard procedure to be called back to discuss results. Even if it not great news, you will be given options that will allow you to preserve your fertility.

Can you bring someone with you on Monday? No matter what the news is, it's a good idea to have a second, less worried, pair of ears.

lots of love, Molly xx

Hi Zippy,

Like the others have said, try not to worry if you can, easier said than done, I know!

Similar to you I had LLETZ At my Colposcopy appt which I kind of wasn't expecting...I was hoping for one of the lesser things in the booklet!

I saw consultants both times, so I don't think this is an odd thing & they discussed results with me.  After discussing results I had a 2nd LLETZ there & then, so they will just be doing whatever is needed to get you sorted as soon as they can.

Hope this helps...keep us posted with how you get on! Big hugs!xx