After leep

OK I had my leep procedure on July 21, 2021 an every sense then my pee has has this terrible smell. Its almost been a month. Is it suppose to be like this? Has anybody else had this problem?

Hi :slight_smile: I had my LEEP a tad over 2 weeks ago and have noticed at times when I use the bathroom it does still have that metal-ish smell? My doc told me it was from the Monsel solution though! So maybe it’s just that if that’s sort of the smell you have also?

Hey when I had mine I had that smell up to 4 weeks after. It takes a while but it will disappear eventually.

Thanks for reaching out. Since joining this community I’ve seen already how good it is to talk to people who are in a simular situation and understand what we’re going through. I used an app called Ankr to help me in the fight. I think it’s free and available on app store (iPhone). Search for Ankr - Cancer care companion. All the best.