After large loop excision.

I am booked in to have a large loop excision next week, and am rather worried about after it, i cant not have a lot of time off work and im due to go on holiday in 3 weeks, will i b able to go on holiday, would i still be bleeding heavy and also when is the sonnest i could return to work. Does anybody have any idea of recovery i understand everyone is different bt some idea would be a great ease.

Hi I had mine 7 weeks ago I didn't bleed that much more of a discharge for around 5 weeks but nothing heavy I was up and about with in a week n everything ok after 2 hope this helps xxx


As long as you have no plans of flying or swimming on your holiday you should be fine. I was told 8 weeks no flying, 6 weeks of no swimming and 4 weeks at least of no baths, only showers.

You could be OK to come back to work very soon, but emotionally is different story altogether... My GP gave me two weeks off for this procedure and I was very grateful for that.

I had mine done under local and was back at work the next day x

I had mine last Friday under LA. I won't lie to you I am bleeding alot! I've not known anything like it. Luckily I'm actually on holiday this week, not away but just some time off and I'm pleased because I couldn't be at work with the amount I'm losing.

Hi Clair,


I had my LLETZ treatment just under 3 weeks ago under local anaesthetic. I didn’t actually feel the anaesthetic go in and felt no pain during the treatment. Once i’d got home, about an hour later I had what felt like heavy period pains so slept most of the day. The next day I was up and about, it was a Saturday though so didn’t have anything too strenuous planned. I was back to work Monday with no problems.

I’m still getting a little bit of discharge now but nothing major. I bled heavy for a day or 2 then for the next 2 weeks it was faily light with no pain at all.


From what I have read it is different for everyone – I would think you would be okay to go on holiday but no swimming.  My doc said I could be back in the gym after a week as long as I felt okay.


Hope it goes well.