After effects of LEETZ treatment and biopsy results

Hi, this is my first time posting in this forum.

i had my colposcopy on 19th may. They removed quite a bit of tissue as when they showed me my cervix it was mostly affected by the hpv virus. They have sent 3 samples for biopsy but havent actually told me what they are looking for, whether they have removed most of the virus and when to expect results. Any advice would be well recieved. I feel like i havent got a clue whats going on with my own body.

Since having the treatment, ive had a dull ache in the lower part of my stomach and have brown discharge (-and lots of it) that smells terrible! Would this be a start of infection?

thank you in advance for any help you can give me. 



Hi Tiff,


In your samples they need to check how far in the tissue of the cervix the changes are. They also need to make sure there signs of cancer as this might not be visible to the eye on colposcopy. As well only then they.will be tell you if all the cells and if you are all clear or you need to have one more treatment.


I am only waiting for.colposcopy and biopsy myself, but i read everything on the internet about it... I have also called my doctor back after i calmed down and asked more questions.

Abiut your discharge i think you should cal your GP or 111 as i have read smelly discharge after treatment can be start of the.infection. so please consult with medical professional as soon as possible 

To be honest the smell is bad alright I was checked for infection and didn't have one so think it can be normal for some people like me, mine had settled down a lot now thank god but took 3 weeks, I did get the back pain and then the pain changed to a terrible pain and turmed out a kidney infection 

Tiffany, the colposcopy biopsy tests rate the level of changes present. they get a CIN rating. Some people wait until after the biopsy to have the LLETZ done becuase some of the lo grade changes dont require removing.

I am similar to you with the discharge, ill be ringing 111 in the morning.

Hi tiff I just had my LLETZ done two weeks ago and have the same strange cramp it's also my first time posting tonight cos I'm still loosing some blood and brown discharge they said it could last upto four to six weeks so it's perfectly normal I think. It's nice to  come on this site and read others experience cos at the time of biopsy and treatment u feel scared and don't know what to do. .I'm finding it  really  helpful now cos reading stories and  support helps with the waiting period.