After effects of colposcopy

I have my colposcopy on Wednesday next week. I was anxious and overwhelmed when the result came through (HPv positive and low-grade dy…) then (surprisingly) coped well until now! I’m now on 1/2 term due to working term time and the anxiety is back!

Can I ask how people usually feel after the examination - eg. are you in pain or is it just an uncomfortable feeling? What are you usually told after the examination- is there a debrief?
Also, I’m thinking I want to go in on my own now to save extra anxiety as my partner is coming with me …?

I had same diagnosis as you; low grade dyskariosis and high grade hpv. My colposcopy was a little uncomfortable but tolerable. The doctor talked me through the procedure beforehand and cited the different possible outcomes. She talked through the procedure as she did it, showing me the magnified pictures of my cervix on the screen. At the end, she said that my colposcopy confirmed the results from my smear test and that I didn’t need a biopsy and that I would be invited back for another smear test in one year’s time. All my anxieties were relieved and I wished that I hadn’t done so much googling in the weeks leading up to the procedure as I had got myself worked up into quite a state beforehand. Hope all goes ok for you.

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