After effects of biopsy

I am feeling quite anxious following the biopsy 48hours ago. The nurse said I might experience some spotting and discharge of which I had nothing until now…however it seems to be rather big horrible looking clumps which almost smells a bit metallic. I previously had biopsy 10 years ago but don’t remember this happening! Have people had the same and do I need to worry there might be an infection?

Hi Hannah,

I think this is quite normal. I diarised both of my LLETZ treatments and both experiences were similar and yet quite different. Others commented on my post about their different experiences too.

If you click on my profile name and underneath my summary it has the post “what were your waiting times”. It’s full of comments about mine and others experiences. Hope you heal well lovely x

Thank you so much for your message, I will have a look at your profile . It’s amazing how much just talking with other people that have experienced similar can help whilst my brain seems to be in overdrive. I’ve never joined a forum before but so pleased I did to see your reply today. Thank you so much, I hope you are ok x

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It has been a, real life line to so many of us. Any time you have a question, a worry, or concern. A celebration, a win, or something that’s made you smile. We’re all here :blush:

Hi Hannah

I have, like you, had a biopsy two days ago and for the first day and a half lost lots of black bits but they said that is perfectly normal and I am still bleeding a bit and they told me that this would probably last between 3-10 days. They said I should only be concerned if I start pouring with blood and have to change pads every hour or so as it could be a sign of infection. Based on this it is probably normal for this to be the case for a little while xx

Thank you so much for your message and that’s good to hear and out my mind at rest. The discharge has been minimal today so I figured just be healing after the biopsy. It’s that horrible wait now for the results isn’t it? I’m just trying to keep busy and think positively but as I’m sure you know that’s so difficult sometimes?

Yes you are absolutely right, the waiting is unbearable. I too am trying to stay positive and the worst bit is that apart from bloating after eating I feel generally well… I wish you all the strength in the world and hope your results come through quickly. God bless and here’s hoping xxx