After colposcopy..

Hi everyone,

So starting off, I turned 25 in April, first smear in June, which came back with CIN2, and I had a colposcopy and LLETZ treatment this past Tuesday.

I'm now waiting for my results from my colposcopy, and I'm starting to worry.. what are the chances of them finding it's worse thatn the CIN2 that was found from my smear test? With no previous smear history, I've been wondering how long the cells have been changing, and that seems to feed my hypocondria.

I was also wondering if anyone had any idea about HPV after a colposcopy- how do you get rid of the virus? What if you get HPV again, do you have to go through the whole routine of colposcopy and LLETZ again? I (very stupidly) turned down the HPV vaccine when I was 17, and was a bit of a late bloomer, and it just goes over in my head about catching HPV again.

I'm sorry that these questions have probably already been answered somewhere on this forum, but I think if I search/google much more then I'll get myself more panicked Sealed 

Any advice or anything would be really greatly appreciated :) thank you!

I'm not sure how the body can clear the virus, but it's probably worth researching. It's all so worrying, but I try to bear in mind that 50% of the population has HPV, but they don't all have cancer from it! Cervical cancer is actually one of the rarer cancers. That helps me put my mind at ease. 

The vaccine has side effects that include death! I've heard so many devastating stories of young girls whose lives have been destroyed by it's effects My husband works in a school and 1/3 of parents turned down the vaccine. I don't think you were stupid not to opt for it. 

I hope your results are okay! 

Hi Katkin,

Thank you for replying :)

I have to say that I didn't have the vaccine for those reasons, but I can't help but think that I would probably have not needed any treatment if I'd had it. 

I think maybe I should talk with my GP and get some answers- google can be a bit of a scary place for misinformation really, don't want to work myself up any more than I need to!

Hey there,

Just wanted to chime in regarding the vaccine. You can still get it even after being diagnosed with HPV. It will not get rid of the virus you already have, but it can protect you from getting the types you don't already have. My doctor suggested this to me after treating my HPV a couple years ago and I went and got the vaccine (my health insurance covered much of the cost). Also, my sister is a pharmacist and insists they are quite safe - so don't worry about that!