After Colposcopy

Hello, I had my colposcopy and biopsy yesterday, was very sore and achy afterwards. Have been winding myself up since. I have felt better today- no aches or pains, but I've had a very hot face?! Not hot in myself though. Had some brown discharge which I'm reassured is normal, but why the flushed face? Also, can I have a bath? Thank you

Hi Elliebee,


I had my colposcopy just over a month ago now. My nurse advised that the brown discharge would last up to a weekk (which it did; was very light). I was under strict instructions not to have a bath or exercise for at least a week (baths can cause infections). I had a bath a week after my colp and I was absolutely fine.


As for the hot flushes, I didn't experience any of them so I can't help on that point I'm afraid!


Good luck with your results (I'm still waiting for mine) xx

Hi, I had a colposcopy on 24th Feb with the lletz treatment to remove CIN3 cells. Still awaiting results however I was told 4-6 weeks for sex, bath, exercise etc. I see a lot of people have been told different things in relation to time frames etc. This is very confusing. I'm actually missing my baths more than I am sex lol 

Anyone out there have bright red massive gush of blood one week post LLETZ?

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to butt in and signpost you to our Lletz booklet which may answer some of your questions. You can find it here



Hi, I had my Lletz on 26th March 2017 and I was told I could have a bath - just don't put any "products" in the bath.  Was also told no exercise for 4 - 6 weeks.  However - I'm a very active person and not exercising is killing me!  Its been just over a week and I'm fine in myself, so I am going for a "light" jog on a treadmill tonight - so if anyting happens I can go to the loo and also stop.  I think you know by your own body.  Good luck