after cloposcopy

Hi everyone clop biology and lletz 3weeks ago got my results back came back sin3 no Cancerous changes so all gd have to go back 23 Jan 2016 but if it comes back will they repeat LLETZ or will they suggest a hysterectomy? And offer LLETZ can u have a bath they didn't saying anything to me about just swimming but someone told me u can have to wait 4 weekz just shower sorry to ask a silly thing x Smear Results abnormal Clop, biopsy and LLETZ Result sin3 no cancer changes Back 6m time

Hello Claire, no I don't think you can have a bath for 4 weeks. I'm not sure about the hysterectomy, I have heard they do in some cases if it comes back but I don't think it's a decision they take likely. 

Sorry that was meant to say lightly not likely!