After Biopsy abnormal or normal?

Hello, just a quick post around biopsy and the sign that may be abnormal or deemed normal afterwards. I am 4 days on after a biopsy had been taken and wishes to ask here before any medical professional incase it is deemed normal. I didnt have any issues 2 days after and then came the what i know to be normal i.e. discolouration and minimal bleeding.

May be TMI for some - warning :warning:

Then yesterday, i began to have thin grey pieces of what seemed to be small pieces of flesh appear on the pad, then today i have had blood clots (thick clumps of blood) these occasionally appear during menstruation however, these have began to appear today despite very minimal bleeding and not menstruating.

Is these two signs normal? Or abnormal?

Thank you for any information that can be provided.

Best wishes!

So I believe what that is is like cotton or cloth type material it is from the swob they use to apply the liquid to the area where they have taken the biopsy from they must drench the solution in it and place it on the wound if the biopsy area and it sheds and leaves Ur body naturally like that I had the same xxx

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They also apply something to stop the bleeding after (silver nitrate? I may have got that wrong!) That tends to come out in weird looking clumps. For me it looked a bit like small scabby period clots with black bits. (I see your tmi and I raise you😉) best of luck sweetpea xxx

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Ahh so hopefully normal then, i was just concerned as it truely seem like small piece if flesh, was a little worried… i aint no vampire with skin peeling :rofl: thank you!

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Haha! Thank you for the wee laugh in this situation. Feel i was more worried about the grey flesh looking pieces than the clumps but felt probably best to check on here first. Ty!

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Really hope you feel well soon and a positive biopsy result , take care xx

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