After biopsies



Couple of quick questions:


How long after regular biopsies can you:


a) go swimming?


b) Have sex?!


My husband and I are going to a spa this weekend for a break and I only had my colposcopy last friday. I rememeber the nurse talking to me about it but I was in such a daze I forgot! doh!




Jess x

Hi Jessica …

I was told no swimming or sex for 4 weeks after my colposcopy biopsies… and I had to use sanitary towels instead of tampons for my next period :frowning:

Sorry to be the bearer of abit of bad news… But maybe phone the clinic you had it done at to get advice from the nurses?

Hope you’re ok… And have a good weekend x

Hi Jessica,

I was told the same as EmJess:

4 weeks of no swimming, sex and tampons!

Apparantly thats how long the cervix takes to heal!

Double check with your clinic though and hope you can still enjoy your weekend without getting in the pool :)

Lisa x

Abnormal Smear 15/04/2013, Colposcopy & Lletz Procedure 30/04/2013, Diagnosed CC 15/05/2013, Cone Biopsy 03/06/2013


Thanks ladies. I'm confused as looking online it seems to say you can "resume normal activities" like swimming once the discharge etc has stopped. I will call my colposcopy clinic to be on the safe side.  I can live without the sex but probably will struggle to keep away from the pool!




I had normal punch biopsies on Tuesday at Colscopy Clinic and electrical sweep as outpatient- I was going away on holiday on the following Sunday. The Consultant said he had put a layer of gel on to assist the healing. I was doing gentle swimming with my little girl about a week later as I had no bleeding or discomfort.  I think its more to do with avioding getting an infection from public pool.

Enjoy your Break

Thank you! I called my clinic and they said as long as I wasn't spotting it's OK to swim! Smile Really really need this weekend break! Smile Was too embarrassed to ask about sex though... think my otherhalf can wait a while for that!!

Hi Jessica,

Hope you enjoyed your weekend away?

I think you must have been ok with the swimming because you had the punch biopsy. I had the loop biopsy straight away instead of the punch biopsy, so thats probably why you've been ok to go swimming.

Fingers crossed for you that you won't need the loop biopsy afterwards and you get the all clear :)

Lisa x x x

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