After biopsies and leep procedure

I had 4 biopsies taken from me about 2 months ago. My obgyn is a professional yet sweet and funny , good at what she doea…but the procedure for biopsies has literally traumatized me. Sorry if this is to much for you to read , but i was crying and shaking in pain during it. The worste part was looking over to my left and seeing stuff per say , that made me scared. I ended up , after it all, passing out 2 times , and a full blown anxiety attack. The worste anxiety attack ive had in years . My obgyn was great, it was the experience of pain that did it for me. I thought i could go to work immediately after , when i got there i could barely walk i was cramping so bad. I went home and rested.
The results came in shortly after , and I was positive for high risk pre cancer cells in one of the biopsies. The other 3 were benign. I had tears not because i had a positive result, but because the cancer was caught early. Tears of happiness per say.
The day of my LEEP procedure , all the doctors were absolutely hillarious and kind. I couldnt have asked for a better team. And my obgyn was there to do the leep procedure, i didnt see much of her cuz i was knocked out by anesthesia. Which honestly, was great. And i dont know what pain meds they put me on, after the procedure it was painless, couldnt feel a thing. That was great too. Of course the day after i was hurting a bit so i took some ibuprofin the doctor sent for me.

But now 4 weeks of healing < slow healer here > after LEEP procedure im terrified of being “hula happy” -wink , with my boyfriend of 3 yrs. Its not that i dont want to, im just scared of hurting and it causing alot of pain. And i dont know if i can handle that, after everything even though the doctors were great, the pain is traumatizing for me. Ive just had to much pain with my punani. Maybe im being silly, but i dont think i know how to move along after this right now.