After a cone biopsy

apologies for the 'too much info' but I was wondering if anyone had experienced any symptoms similar to me after a cone biopsy. I had mine back in march and all went well but then two months ago I met my new partner and became sexually active again. I now find that whenever we have sex afterwards I'm very uncomfortable and tend to get cystitis or thrush. I've had it so much the last month or so it's ridiculous. But when I went to the walk in clinic there was no protein in my sample so it wasn't an infection. I know I need to check with my GP but has anyone experienced similar? 

No such thing as TMI here. This isn't related to the CONE procedure but some women need to pee right before and/or after sex. I discovered that I will almost always get that urinary irritation/cystitus feeling if I don't pee RIGHT after sex. I make my partners remind me. I also take some cranberry pills if intimacy is possible. Maybe the surgery and continued healing process is just throwing off the PH balance down there? They do put some crazy stuff down there to help cauterize, etc.