After a colposcopy

Hi Everyone.

So I had my 3rd ever smear test about a month and a half ago, received the letter a week later, casually opened it, expecting it all to be fine like my previous 2 had been. However I was shocked it wasnt, it said i had tested positive for HPV and had borderline changes to my cells.

Cue PANIC!!!

What on earth was HPV?? Did i have cancer?? Literally so many things going on in my naturally I called my Mum panicking but after talking to her and actually reading the leaflet i did feel a lot better, but i was still worried, not about the procedure but about the results. I started thinking what if i cant have kids, what if its bad and develops into cancer, my head was spinning.

I had my colposcopy on Monday (had to rebook due to a period and a holiday lol). The nurses were lovely and made me feel so at ease, and not like i had caught some disgusting disease (the hpv). The senior nurse who performed the procedure said to me the only way women cant get HPV is if you are a nun! This made me laugh and I felt so relaxed around her.

The actual procedure was obviously very uncomfortable and it did hurt, purely just because of the speculum. I do have a tilted cervix which can make using one more difficult. It really was painful, every fibre of my body was trying to get this unknown object out of me, but i would do it all again if it could potentially save my life. The procedure actually lasted a few minutes, although felt like forever! 

I was given the news that luckily i had no abnormal cells, just small patch of the HPV which she said would go, taken longer as im asthmatic and have a terrible immune system!

Since Monday ive been suffering with some cramps and tenderness which i expected as the speculum literally felt like it had bruised me from the inside out. 

However yesterday I had such a headache, which is easing today but this afternoon ive had such an upset tummy.

Could this be related to the colposcopy, or may just be the relief/worry coming out, or could be totally unrelated?!

Just wondered if anyone else felt similar after theirs?


hi i hope you don,t mind a man comenting wiife had a hysteroscopy and any thing that moves your cervix can up set your tummy but yes the relif/worry can do the same or a combbation off both did they not offer you any pain relif? votrol or celecoxib wood of made a huge difence i even know a doctor who stole her husbands tramodol to go through colcoscapy as long asit settles down in the next few day  otherwize see a gp hope you are well soon